Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Giant gobies found at Newquay!

WOW what a a day!

A fantastic ERCCIS fish identification day held at Cornwall college Newquay, organised by Sue Scott and led by Doug Herdson, marine fish authority, was topped off by the discovery of four giant gobies in a Newquay rockpool!

This is the first proper record of this species found in Newquay and further evidence that this area is worthy of protection.

The giant goby is a southern species with a very limited distribution in the south west - Cornwall and South Devon are as far north as they currently range. They live in deep pools usually on the upper shore. They are protected by schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside act 1981 and are a Biodiversity Action Plan species.

 What a fantastic find for Newquay!
Giant goby Gobius cobitus photo copywrite Matt Slater

The only way to prove they are giant gobies are two pointed lobes found at the front edge of the pelvic fin cup on the underside of the fish. Natural England staff were there to witness the discovery!

this is why we all love living in Cornwall! 

Thanks to Sue, Doug and Becs Allan, and all who took part in this fantastic day! 

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