Sunday, 27 April 2014

Cawsands Shore Explore

Today we had a great time exploring the shore at Sandway beach Cawsand bay. There were approximately 40 members of the public who took part in this informal rockpool ramble and shore search survey. Many of the adults commented that they had lived in the area for years but had never realised how special their stretch of shore is  - the biodiversity is incredible as we all discovered!
John from Looe answers loads of questions!

everyone saw a painted topshell!

Low shore pools are full of pink plates - coraline algae

Trainee marine geeks in action! 

Loads of pacific (non native) oysters were found attached to the rocks - this one is empty but shows the zig zag opening really clearly

the Scarlet and Gold cup corals Ballanophyllia regia are still there! Everyone had the opporutnity to see them! 

Lee found this tiny sea lemon (a type of sea slug)
CLoseup see his gills on the right and horns on the left side

there were so many species of red sea weeds - this feathery red I will have to look up! 

Find of the day - a MASSIVE turban topshell Gibbula magus, not a common species on our shores! Well done Kyle for spotting it! 

nice worm pipefish
It was a great day and nice to be joined by Claire Wallestein, Liz Bailey and other volunteers with Rame Penisula Beach care who are doing a fantastic job of looking after their wonderful corner of Cornwall, and raising public awareness on the problems being faced by the marine environment. Please visit their facebook page for more information!
I'm looking forward to heading east again soon!

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  1. Fascinating.
    Can I email you I need to ask a couple of questions to support local marine awareness.
    Thank you Ian