Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Shoresearch Week 2015, day one Trevaunance cove, St Agnes, Highlights in Photos

Low tide at St Agnes - directly beneath the photo lies a cave called Conger hole! 
Beautiful fan worms Branchiomma bombyx found in kelp holdfasts from Conger Hole

Dichyota dichotoma,  Brown fan weed

A perfect day for it! Photo by Deborah Edwards

Blue Rayed limpet Patella pellucida on kelp, tiny but beautiful

Patrick and Aspen with a nice big edible crab, Cancer pagurus

Bryozoans probably Bugula spp in a cave

Platyneris dumerili a small polychaete also found in a kelp holdfast

Juvenile shore crab Carcinus maenas

Spiny starfish Marthasterias glacias 

Marthasterias glacias Starfish eating dinner 

Find out more about St Agnes and its incredible marine life by visiting the St Agnes Marine Conservation Groups website

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