Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Shoresearch Week 2015 Day 2, Hannafore point, Looe in Pictures

Fantastically low tide - you could easily have walked to Looe Island! 
..,.,.and how excited was I?! My first Conger eel - I've spent my life rockpooling but never found one of these before!! 40 must be my lucky year! 

what a beauty!! note the lower jaw is the same lenght as the upper jaw, much more blue /grey than a common eel and two large nostril tubes

Beautiful star ascidians Botryllus shlosseri - photo by Jenny Lord! Thanks Jenny this is definitely going in my collection!

Montagus crabs - now very common all around the Cornish Coast - rare when I was a kid. Note they vary in colour alot, this one lacks the typical black tips on its claws but it is definately a Montagu's! Xantho hydrophilus

It was nice to get into the eel grass beds although they seemed to have reduced in size since last year - lots of brown leaves suggesting the autumn die back has started relatively early. Here is a nice Stalked Jellyfish Leucernariopsis campanulata found on a sea grass frond by eagle eyed Jake Meyers.

Lots of Creephorn was found - Chondracanthus acicularis

beautiful conditions for shoresearching - Photo Jenny Lord

Chondrus crispus, Irish moss grows very fleshy and long at Hannafore - photo Jenny Lord

The Shoresearch team!! Thanks guys it was a great survey! 
Find out more about Looes incredible marine life at the Looe Marine Conservation Groups website

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