Monday, 14 October 2013

Cereus pedunculatus - Daisy Anemone
Photograph by Matt Slater 
Thought I'd share this photograph of a Daisy anemone taken using my olympus TG2 waterproof point and shoot camera this summer in the lagoon at Hannafore point Looe. Its such an amazing habitat - the shallow  low tide lagoon is home to an astonishing diversity of marine wildlife, eel grass and a huge diversity of seaweeds. Daisy anemones are often found in sandy filled gullys or pools from the low shore to as deep as 50m. This one was sheltered next to a rocky reef. the holdfast of the anemone is attached to bed rock or a large stone below the gravel, when disturbed they quickly retract into the sand and dissapear. This is the largest daisy anemone that I have ever seen and was 5 inches (12 cm approx) across and reminded me of the large tropical bubble tip anemones that clown fish live in.

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