Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bizzare worm found feeding on a limpet ...

Thanks to Sarah Stevens, National Trust warden based at Polzeath for sending in this bizzare photo of a strange worm like creature feeding on a limpet. Sarah and Rosie (last years Polzeath VMCA volunteer warden) found it on the shore at Tregardock, North Cornwall. Looking athe colour of the worm and its size I think it is most probably a bootlace worm -Lineus longissimus. These are the longest living creatures found on the shore growing commonly up to 10 m long with the record being 30m- making it britains longest animal! They have an extendable proboscis that it uses to spear its prey - it is a predatory carnivore and scavenger. It is extremly rare to see one feeding - I certainly have never seen one so well done Sarah and Rosie.

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