Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Talland Bay

Beautiful Nudibranch Okenia elegans
Wow what a fantastic day rockpooling yesturday at Talland bay near Looe!
An enthusiastic band of volunteers joined me on the shore and we were all really impressed with the biodiversity within the deep seaweed filled gullies that run across the main reef between Talland Sand and neighboring Rotterdam beach. apart from wireweed which was present in mid shore pools there were no other non native species found during the survey which is great news! Harpoon weed is common at nearby Hannafore but not currently present at Talland!
Find of the day was this beautiful sea slug Okenia elegans which was approximately 4cm long (can grow up to 8cm) found on red seaweeds in a deep over hang. They feed on sea squirts - would love to dive there and try to find more!!

Sea spider Endeis carybdaea
 This beautiful tiny sea spider was found by Steve Webb - It is different to the usual ones we have been finding as it has a proboscis but no palps and I think it is a more scarce species Endeis carybdaea. If anyone else took a good photo I would love to have a closer look!
Talland bay reef 
 The geology here is really interesting with bands of purple and green sedimenary rock.
Stalked Jellyfish Leucerniopsis campanulata
 We were thrilled to record two species of stalked jellies in one lower shore seaweed filled gully. Haliclystus octoradiatus (six were found) and a bright red Leucernariopsis campanulata.
Haliclystus octoradiatus stalked jellyfish 
unidentified Chiton

Harry from the Marine Biological Association ShoreThing project led our timed species search 
Higher up the shore at the head of a rocky/sandy gully we found a patch of soft muddy stone with many deep holes bored into it. On closer examination I got squirted by something and realised that they were the homes of boring (ie digging) piddocks!! Pholas dactylus
Steve,  Mary and Harry looking at Piddocks

Common Piddock shells 
It was a great day and definitely a place I would love to survey again.
Thanks to all the volunteers - it was really great to meet new shoresearchers Steve and Mary Webb (who travelled all the way from Bristol!), Vicky Palmer and Julie Dalford! And great to see Jane and Chloe who are now experienced Shoresearchers!!

See you at the next survey! The next volunteer training day for new (and old!) volunteers is 17th July at Porscatho on the Roseland, for more info please email

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