Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Farewell PANACHE!

Last week saw the final conference of the PANACHE project held at the Imperial Hotel, Torquay.
This 2 year interred project has enabled the development of our  Shoresearch project and Seasearch projects. It has been fantastic and has resulted in us gathering loads of exciting records, really supporting the MCZ process and has resulted in us recruiting and training 168 fabulous shoresearch volunteers
Please visit the Cornwall Wildlife Trust website  for more info and our annual report.

The final event for PANACHE was a rockpool ramble on the shore for all the panache and VALMER project partners where we got to show off the Shoresearch method
here are some highlights!

Ruth Williams gives a talk at the PANACHE conference
A pontoon at the mouth of Torquay inner harbour was festooned with feather stars looking awesome!
 A rare sight! Antedon bifida

Closeup of feather stars on a mussel 

The pontoons and subtidal in the harbour is teeming with japanese kelp Wakame (Undaria pinatifida) Keep a look out for this invasive species in Cornish waters! 
On the shore at Corbin head we found a new intertidal biotope- Wakame forest! 
Lots of Orange tipped seasquirts (Corella eumota), another invasive species under rocks at Corbin head
We found a common goby which kept Patrick Louisy of french organisation Fish watch forum happy!

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