Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Cancellation doesn't stop Shoresearch! EPIC st Ives!

Well despite having to cancel our Shoresearch at St Ives bay on Friday due to my horrendous surfing injury Shoresearch volunteers were not detered from exploring a fabulous shore on one of the most perfect days of the year so far for rockpooling!
Jake Meyers and Patrick D Arcy Evans carried on and run their own Shoresearch on the rocks next to the slipway at Smeatons Quay, St Ives and experienced the full glory of the underboulder communities to be found there! Check out some of their finds! All photos are by Jake Meyers
Excellent closeup of a beautiful long horned porcelain crab - Photo Jake Meyers

That's what I call a Topshell - extra large painted topshell - Patrick and Jake report that many things were larger at this site than anywhere else! 

Beautiful bryozoans - Golden Bugula turbinata and Schizomavella sarniensis red on rock behind - a first record for Cornwall! Thanks to David Fenwick for getting this expertly identified by Mary Spencer Jones at Natural History Museum.

Corella eumota - orange tipped sea squirt - a non native species that is one of the PANACHE core species

What a repulsive fella - I think this is an Echiuran or Spoon worm called Echiura echiura - look for spines coming out of the pores if you find one.

Like something from an alien movie - Skeleton shrimps among the bryozoans. 

Nice squat lobster 

Bottriloides shlosseri  Star ascidian  - very unusual pale form

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